Supporting Animal Shelters in Ukraine

In May, our partners from Ukraine, volunteers from International Charitable Foundation Vsi Vdoma (Kyiv, Ukraine), have organized the delivery of all the pet food we gathered in March to Priiut Best Friends, an animal shelter in Makariv (Kyiv oblast).

Unfortunately, the shelter experienced immense devastation caused by the russians in March 2022, resulting in the loss of almost half of the animals under their care.

During the period of March 1-6 2022, the kennels were demolished, and the shelter's courageous team managed to feed the animals amidst the chaos of shellfire.

Now, the shelter is in urgent need of assistance, including pet food, medicines, and funding to rebuild the site using DIY materials. 

We would like encourage everyone to support this dedicated team. You can contribute by donating pet food at any of our fundraisers or markets. Moreover, we invite you to collaborate with your colleagues, family members, or local/street groups to join forces and combine efforts.

In these challenging times, Ukraine requires significant help, and we are devoted to ensuring that our beloved pets are not left behind.

Makariv, Kyiv Oblast, Ukraine
01.05.2023 to 31.05.2023

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