In Loving Memory of Lidiya Kiriyenko

Forever Lida is a Birmingham-based community founded by Irene Sheyko to honour her Grandmother Lida, killed in March 2022 in Mariupol by the Russian invaders.

We collect humanitarian aid donations and raise funds to buy goods, vehicles and other equipment, needed by Ukrainian civilians, medics and evacuation teams. We hand deliver the aid we collect to the Donetsk region using a network of volunteers in the UK and Ukraine.

Over 2022 we have delivered over 15 tonnes of humanitarian aid to the Ukrainian people in need - we deliver to the grey zones and frontline towns, areas rarely covered by aid agencies and other charitable initiatives.

Since March 2022 we have bought 5 vehicles and a long list of essential equipment for the frontline medics and evacuation teams. We are committed to support these teams by supplying them with evacuation vans, means of communication, medical aid kits, survival items, protective gear, generators and electronics.


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Irene Sheyko


Kyrylo Stepankov


Ruslana Tyagunova


Viktoria Zengwa


Olesia Stepankova


Nataliia Reva


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